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Agadir, situated on the southern part of Morocco's Atlantic coastline, enjoys over 340 days of sunshine a year and is a modern resort. An earthquake destroyed much of the old town in 1960 but life around the harbour continues as it has always done and the views from the 16th Century Kasbah are breathtaking.
Casablanca is Morocco's modern metropolis but with a rich heritage of art deco architecture fused with North African elements as a tangible reminder of its French colonial past. Fez is a maze of stone, marble and plaster surrounded by orchards. As the spiritual centre of Morocco, the old town lives in the shadow of the minarets.
Essaouira is a mass of white washed houses on the Atlantic Coast. The architecture is a charming mix of Portuguese, Berber and French influences and the town enjoys a laid-back atmosphere. The ancient harbour bustles with a lively fishing market and the artistic Old Quarter is a maze of winding alleyways.
Morocco’s second largest city – and the former capital – Fes is a vibrant location for a short break or getaway. Known as the ‘Athens of Africa’, this 8th century city has two old town quarters. Don’t miss the UNESCO-listed area of Fes El-Bali, the stunning Madrasas and the fascinating ancient process of Moroccan leather-tanning.
Nestled at the foot of the picturesque Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate charms visitors with its spectacular desert setting and architectural flair. An ideal base for hiking, 4x4 driving and mountain biking, take time to discover the ancient Kasbah ruins and remote villages before sampling the delicious cuisine in the famous Chez Dimitri Restaurant. As the setting of films such as Star Wars and The Gladiator, be sure to pay a visit to the nearby film studio!
Be captivated by Morocco’s second largest city, home to historical monuments, exquisite embroidery and traditional cuisine. Wander the Casbah des Oudaya narrow streets, marvel at the colourful Andalusian Gardens or watch the changing of the Royal Guard at the spectacular Royal Palace. After a busy day sightseeing, head to the Medina and relax in one of the many restaurants, bars or clubs.
A historically significant port town, right on the Atlantic coastline in west Morocco, vibrant Safi has a fascinating past. Once an outpost of the Portuguese Empire during the 15th and 16th century, a fortress built during this time still stands in the city to this day. Famous for its sardine-fishing, as well as for exporting textiles and ceramics, Safi is one of Morocco’s oldest cities.
The ‘White City’ charms visitors with its traditional cuisine, colourful souks and energetic atmosphere. Spend time taking in the sights from the Grand Socco market square to the beautiful Mendoubia Gardens. Tangier’s big attraction is undoubtedly its beaches; enjoy camel riding and windsurfing or simply relax whilst sipping a refreshing cocktail at one of the numerous beach bars.
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