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The Rocky Mountains stretch more than 3,000 miles from British Columbia, in Canada, to New Mexico, in the United States. The Canadian Rockies are a vast land and incorporate several great national parks including Banff National Park, the oldest in Canada. This vast area is filled with inspiring scenery, wildlife and a range of outdoor activities
Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Calgary offers visitors sophisticated shopping, cosmopolitan restaurants, pristine parks and plenty of western heritage! Relive the city’s past down Stephen Avenue Walk, enjoy a day out at the zoo or admire the panoramic views from the revolving Tower. Be sure to experience the infamous Calgary Stampede in July!
The capital of the Alberta Province, Edmonton sits on the impressive Saskatchewan River.
The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax is a global city with an up-and-coming profile.
Visit the town of Jasper nestled within the vast Jasper National Park, with its peaceful small town atmosphere and friendly locals; it’s a good base to explore some of the most majestic, pristine and accessible wilderness Canada has to offer. Enjoy the serene beauty of Mount Edith Cavell, connect with nature along over a thousand kilometres of trails or experience the hottest spot in the Rockies with a relaxing soak in Miette Hot Springs.
Located within the historic Banff National Park, Lake Louise attracts millions of visitors each year with its emerald waters set amongst a backdrop of Victoria Glacier and the largest ski area in North America. Offering a tremendous diversity of recreational and sightseeing opportunities, Lake Louise can be both romantic and exhilarating providing something for couples, thrill seekers and families alike.
Montreal is a cosmopolitan city enhanced by a dramatic blend of Canadian and French influences. Must sees include St. Joseph's Oratory, Basilique Notre-Dame and Montreal’s Underground City. Wander along the cobbled streets, shop in the chic boutiques or sample gourmet cuisine in one of the award-winning bars and restaurants.
The Niagara Falls in south east Ontario is the self proclaimed Honeymoon capital of the world. The Niagara River connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario and forms the border between Canada and the USA. The monumental and spectacular Falls are the centre piece of this destination which has a selection of alternative attractions.
Quebec's charm is derived from a combination of historical, cultural and architectural factors not least due to three centuries of colonial conquests - a French, English and finally Quebec regime. Stroll through narrow cobbled streets between centuries-old houses, browse in the unique shops and enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafés.
Toronto the largest city in Canada is located on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is the most multicultural city in the world with a relatively mild climate. Toronto has plenty of modern attractions including the landmark CN Tower and is an excellent base for visiting the natural wonders of Ontario province.
One of the world's most spectacular cities, Vancouver offers a remarkable combination of natural beauty and urban sophistication. The city sits at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, nestled in and around the slopes of the impressive Coast Mountains and astounding scenery serves as the backdrop to your visit here.
Experience the magic of Whistler, renowned for its spectacular mountainous scenery and excellent year-round skiing opportunities. For those seeking adventure away from the slopes, choose from alpine hiking, exhilarating mountain biking or head to Blackcomb Base Adventure Zone for an action-packed day out. In the evenings, relax and unwind in Whistlers finest restaurants before experiencing the vibrant nightlife this fabulous destination has to offer.
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