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Right in the heart of the Tirol region, Innsbruck enjoys a spectacular location. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the city is famed for its connection to winter sports – a must-try when staying here. With stunning Gothic and Baroque buildings littering the town, a short break in Innsbruck is the perfect getaway for lovers of culture and history.
Famed for its baroque architecture and breath-taking Alpine setting, a short break in Salzburg lives long in the memory. A popular ski resort during the winter, and home to the Salzburg Festival in summer, there’s much to see and do here.
Famed for its exceptionally high quality of life, Vienna is an endlessly pretty city. Whether you find yourself shopping on Stephansplatz, touring the Imperial Palace and the Rathaus, or simply stuffing yourself silly with Sachertorte (a traditional Viennese chocolate cake), there's much to see and do here.
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